Nice to meet you. I’m a PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia in the Global Ocean Modelling Lab. I study marine and freshwater ecosystems and use computer models to investigate scientific questions and support decision making.

My fields of research are applied ecosystem science, ocean ecology and management, landscape ecology and structural connectivity of rivers, environmental science, and ecosystem modelling. Technically, I have skillsets in data science, geographic information systems, and computer programming. Prior to my PhD research, I worked for the Canadian Government (Fisheries & Oceans) as a scientist and then as a marine spatial planning advisor in Vancouver, British Columbia. Previous to that, I developed custom tools and models for natural resource management and ecological restoration of rivers as part of my master’s degree research.

I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running (and infrequent triathlons), and doing creative / artistic things. I also am passionate about ethics, equality, and justice, and believe academics hold a privileged position in society with corresponding responsibility.

Hit me up on the Twitter! @greig_oldford