Nice to meet you. I’m a PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia in the Global Ocean Modelling Lab . I am also a senior scientist / integrated oceans management advisor with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

At the UBC Institute for Oceans and Fisheries I have been developing spatially resolved end-to-end marine ecosystem simulation models. These models support scientific research (hypothesis evaluation) and management or policy. Here, I have been using a custom oceanographic model using high performance computing resources available in Canada (Compute Canada). I am using the NEMO model framework. I have linked this model to an ecosystem model that includes groups from bacteria to whales. For this, I am using the Ecopath-with-Ecosim-and-Ecospace framework.

My fields of research are applied ecosystem science, ocean ecology and management, landscape ecology and structural connectivity of rivers, environmental science, and ecosystem modelling. Technically, I have skillsets in data science, geographic information systems, and computer programming. Prior to my PhD research, I worked for the Canadian Government (Fisheries & Oceans) as a scientist and as a marine spatial planning advisor in Vancouver, British Columbia. Previous to that, I developed custom tools and models for natural resource management and ecological restoration of rivers as part of my master’s degree research.

I enjoy swimming, cycling, and running (and infrequent triathlons), and doing creative / artistic things. I also am passionate about ethics, equality, and justice, and believe academics hold a privileged position in society with corresponding responsibility.

Hit me up on the Twitter! @greig_oldford