A Network of Marine Protected Areas in the Northern Shelf Bioregion (2013-2018)

I worked as a Canadian Federal Government scientist and planner in collaboration with 17 First Nations, the Provincial Government, industry, NGO's, and stakeholders to plan a network of Marine Protected Areas in Canada's 'Northern Shelf Bioregion'. I learned a great deal from this work experience and deeply appreciate the opportunity to work so closely with such a variety of people.

My role was to:
- help coordinate technical aspects of planning as co-lead of the MPA Technical Team,
- listen to and address concerns of collaborating parties and stakeholders,
- liaise with science colleagues and DFO analysts, managers and economists,
- manage staff and contracts,
- play a generally supporting role as marine spatial planning advisor.

You can also check out the cool mapping portal we set up as home for geospatial data used to guide planning.